No piece of memorabilia "gets you closer" than historical and celebrity hair. 

It's a direct connection to history's most inspiring and important figures. You can literally reach out and touch them. Napoleon. John Lennon. George Washington...

And if you're thinking about entering this extraordinary sector, know that you're in the right place. Because Paul Fraser Collectibles has the world's largest selection of historical and celebrity hair.  

Each strand and lock we sell is carefully sourced from major auction houses, the entertainment industry and the world's most renowned collections.

In many cases, the provenance goes back centuries. And the stories behind them are remarkable. From Elvis Presley's Army haircut, to the discovery of King Charles I's tomb... every historic hair in our collection has a tale to tell.

Highlights in the range

For Beatles fans we have John Lennon and Paul McCartney, who wrote the soundtrack to our lives and changed pop music forever.

For political minds we have George Washington and John F Kennedy, two iconic US Presidents who shaped modern America.


For history buffs we have famous figures spanning more than 400 years.

From the finest military leaders of their generation, such as Napoleon and Admiral Nelson...


To British monarchs such as King Charles I, who met his beneath the executioner's axe. 


All these strands are available to buy immediately for just £399.

But in each case, the supply is extremely limited.

And for an extra special purchase, we have a small number of historical locks for sale, including Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe. 

Looking for an extraordinary gift?

Each half-inch strand comes beautifully presented in a 7 x 7 inch wood frame, ready for immediate display on a wall or desk. You also get our cast-iron Certificate of Authenticity for your complete peace of mind.

Please order today to avoid disappointment. Historical hair is our #1 seller and stock is limited.