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Winnie-the-Pooh autograph displayWinnie-the-Pooh autograph display
Winnie-the-Pooh autograph display
Sale price£4,950
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Winston Churchill signed Council of Europe photograph
Yuri Gagarin signed photographYuri Gagarin signed photograph
Yuri Gagarin signed photograph
Sale price£995
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Zanzibar 1865-73 India 2a SGZ40,42/3
Zanzibar 1865-73 India 2a SGZ40,42/3
Sale price£115
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Zanzibar 1866 India 4a green (die I) and 1873 ½a blue SGZ13,16
Zanzibar 1891 cover FRONT to 'Basil Wood Walker SGZ70
Zanzibar 1895-96 2a6p yellow-green SG8D,varZanzibar 1895-96 2a6p yellow-green SG8D,var
Zanzibar 1896 (15 Nov) '2½' (type 6) on 1½a sepia, SG29kvar
Zanzibar 1899-1901 ½a and 1a indigo SG188a/9a
Zanzibar 1904 2+D20 on 8a Grey Olive, SG209b
Zanzibar 1926-30 POSTAGE DUE 50c black/orange SGD16/a

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