Great Britain 1752 George II (1727-60) Guinea, 1752, Older Laureate Head

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Great Britain 1752 Half Guinea of King George II (1727-60).

Obverse: old head laureate portrait of the King, facing left with aged face and two laurel leaves to top of wreath. Legend reads: 'GEORGIVS · II · DEI · GRATIA ·'.

Reverse: ornate shield of royal arms, surmounted by crown which extends to the edge of the coin and divides date: 1752. Legend reads: 'M · B · F · ET · REX · F · D · B · ET · L · D · S · R · I · A · T · ET · E ·'.

Half Guineas were first introduced in 1669 and would be eliminated in the Great Recoinage of 1816.

The designs on both the obverse and reverse of this coin are attributed to John Sigismund Tanner who had taken over as Chief Engraver to the Royal Mint in 1741, following the death of John Croker. The lettering on this Half Guinea is large and placed close to the edge, a measure against clipping and filing.

It was struck in the final decade of George II's reign: he would be succeeded by his grandson, George III, in 1760.

Weight: 4.16 grams. Approximate diameter: 20.8 millimetres.

Grade: Extremely Fine with much of its mint lustre and sharp detailing.

References: Spink Coins of England: S3685, Farey 950.

George II was born on 30 October 1683 and was raised in Hanover. As George I's only child, he adopted himself to English society on his succession to the throne. His passions were the military, music and his wife - Caroline of Anspach.

George declared war on Spain in 1739. He is famous for being the last King to have personally led his troops to battle at the battle of Dettingen on 17 June 1743.


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