General George S. Patton handwritten signed letter

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  • A George S. Patton handwritten & signed letter from West Point military academy.
  • Dated June 16, 1904 – his very first day at West Point.

General George S. Patton is one of the most famous U.S military leaders of the 20th century.

Patton served in the United States Tank Corps during WWI, and was awarded both the Army Distinguished Service Medal and the Purple Heart.

During WWII he commanded the Seventh United States Army in the Mediterranean Theater, and the Third United States Army in France and Germany after the Allied invasion of Normandy.

Today Patton is remembered for his tactical brilliance, hard-driving leadership, his often controversial statements, and his aggressive will to victory.

A handwritten and signed letter by future U.S Army General George S. Patton, as an 18-year-old cadet at the United States Military Academy – more famously known as West Point.

Patton studied at West Point from 1904 until his graduation in 1909, when he received his first military commission to the U.S Cavalry.

This single page letter measures 5 x 6.5 inches, and is preserved in excellent condition with a single horizontal mailing fold.

Patton writes in crisp black ink:

"Dear Mama, "This place is fine it is easier so far then the V.M.I [Virginia Military Institute] and all the corps are very nice. I sit at the mess of a California Corp. named Bain and he treats me very nicely".

This simple letter is signed "with love, George".

The letter is clearly dated by Patton at the top: “West Point, June 16, 1904”.

Records show Patton enrolled on that very same day.

Having aspired to study at the prestigious academy throughout his youth, June 16, 1904 marked one of the most significant days in his life.

Patton's entire outlook on life, duty and leadership was forged during his five years at the academy.

And everything he learned there was spectacularly put into action on the battlefields of WWI and WWII.

This letter was likely the very first he wrote home to his family in California.

And as such, it is a remarkably rare and significant find.

An exceptional piece of important U.S military history.

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