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  • A superb ink signature from celebrated British king George III (1738-1820).

King George III reigned for just under 60 years between 1760 to 1820.

His reign saw an expansion of the British Empire, as well as the loss of its North American colonies, and the defeat of Napoleon at the head of a resurgent France.

Towards the end of his rule he endured a period of mental illness, with his son taking control as regent. George was a keen patron of science and agriculture, often portrayed as a man of the people in contrast to his flamboyant heir, George IV.

A handsome ink signature, "George R,” on a 4 x 2 inch slip clipped from a document. In very good condition.

The “R” in George’s signature denotes “Rex”, the Latin for “King”.

Provenance: The S.E Waits Autograph Collection.

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