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Zanzibar 1896 2½ on 2a pale blue variety, SG27C
Zanzibar 1896 2½on 1a plum variety, SG23E
Zanzibar 1896 Registered Cover to France,  SG3D, 5D, 8D
ZANZIBAR 1898 '2½' (type 3) on 2a dull blue (USED), SG38D
Zanzibar 1898 2½ in red on 1a plum, SG32, 34
Zanzibar 1926 12c black/green Postage Due Cover , SGD7
Zanzibar 1926 12c black/green Postage Due Cover, SGD7
Zanzibar 1926-30 12c black/green Postage Due error, SGD7/a
Zanzibar 1930 "bromides" of hand-painted Postage Due essays, SGD25/30
Zanzibar 1930 (May) Postage Due Cover, SGD3,7,13
Zanzibar 1930 (NO) Postage Due Covers x 2,  SGD1/17, 21/3
Zanzibar 1930 6c black/yellow Postage Due cover, SGD21
Zanzibar 1931 25c black/rose Postage Due Cover, SGD23
Zanzibar 1934 25c black/lilac Postage Due Cover, SGD24
ZANZIBAR 1944 Bicentenary 1s dull purple error, SG330/a
ZULULAND 1893 6d dull purple imprimatur, SG16

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