Enola Gay Hiroshima atomic bomb diagram by navigator Theodore J. 'Dutch' Van Kirk

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  • An extraordinary original signed pencil sketch by Enola Gay's navigator, Theodore J. 'Dutch' Van Kirk
  • Depicts the bombing of Hiroshima that began the end of WW2 
  • Features Van Kirk's personal sketches, annotations and writing 
  • On an off-white 11 x 8.5 inch sheet. Framed

Van Kirk writes: 

"The major concerns about the mission were:

a) Would the bomb work or be a dud 

b) getting away from the bomb blast 

Remember that this had never been done before - it was a great unknown. After the bomb exploded there was a great sense of relief - it had worked and it didn't destroy or damage the airplane." 

Van Kirk has drawn a large mushroom cloud, with the caption: “Mushroom cloud, about 60,000 ft. above the target of Aioi Bridge - Center of Hiroshima”. 

He has also drawn the Enola Gay’s position at the time of the explosion, and adds: "Enola Gay Altitude 31,060, heading about 60° speed 259 knots."

And added at the center of the explosion: "Atomic Bomb Explosion 1980 ft. above ground zero." 

Signed in pencil: "Theodore J. Van Kirk - Navigator - Enola Gay - 6 Aug 1945.”

A fascinating piece of WW2 history, and highly desirable. 

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