Great Britain 1841 1d red brown Plate 11, SG7

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Great Britain 1841 1d red brown Plate 11, SG7.

An exceptionally fine and fresh close to large four margin example lettered 'FF'. Benefits, in particular, from wonderful colour and gum.

A scarce early printing of the penny red hardly ever seen in this quality.

This printing of the first penny reds was produced from the famous plate 11 penny black plate (the holy grail of penny black collecting). The printing plate in black finished on 19 January 1841 and was registered in red on the 27th of the same month.

It was printed from in red on 29 and 30 January. On 1 and 2 February, 700 sheets were printed from it in black, and on 3 February for some weeks on it continued to be used for printing sheets in red. Plate 11 was destroyed on 15 January 1842.

Stanley Gibbons catalogue value: £8,500.

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