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  • A guaranteed genuine half inch strand of Michael Jackson's hair

Michael Jackson (1958-2009) is remembered as one of the great performers of all time. He began his musical career in 1964 as member of family band the Jackson 5. He was six years old at the time. By 1971 he was working as a solo artist.

Towards the end of the decade his sound changed from the soul stylings of his younger years. Off the Wall, released in 1979, was the record that established him as one of the biggest pop stars on the planet. Three years later Thriller (1982) pushed him into superstardom.

This is a guaranteed genuine half inch strand of Michael Jackson's hair from the infamous 1984 Pepsi commercial shoot when his hair caught fire during a pyrotechnic accident.

Ralph Cohen, executive producer for the Pepsi commercial, was among the first to aid Jackson.

Cohen threw his Armani jacket over Jackson's head to help extinguish the flames. On removing his jacket Cohen found Michael's hair attached to it.

The provenance and authenticity of this Michael Jackson hair is impeccable, including the highly publicised video showing Ralph Cohen using his Armani jacket to extinguish Michael's hair.

This approx. ½ inch strand of Michael Jackson's hair is presented on a display card inside a 7" x 7" frame, ready to hang or stand.

Each display is custom-made to order. Due to the nature of the product, hair strands may look slightly different to those pictured.

Free global shipping and Certificate of Authenticity.

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