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Newfoundland 1897 1c on 3c grey-purple, SG80/2
NEW ZEALAND 1915-27 6d carmine Official variety, SGO102b/c
South Africa Orange Free State 1868 6d bright carmine, SG6
PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND 1862-69 2d rose plate proof, SG12c
SEYCHELLES 1901 3c on 16c chestnut and ultramarine, SG38
SIERRA LEONE 1933 Wilberforce ½d, 1d, 1½d, SG168/70
SOUTH WEST AFRICA 1923 6d black and slate Postage Due, SGD5a
KUWAIT 1955-57 set of 3 to 10r on 10s, SG107a/9a
CEYLON 1885 10c on 24c brown-purple, SG188
South Africa Transvaal 1904-09 £1 green and violet, SG272a
PITCAIRN ISLANDS 1925 stampless cover, SGC9
North Borneo Japanese Occupation 1943 4c red and 8c blue, SGJ18/19
North Borneo 1895-7 18c black and deep green Postage Due error, SGD10a
NEW ZEALAND 1915-30 4d bright violet variety, SG422f
NEW ZEALAND 1902-07 1s "Kea and Kaka", SG315/c
New Zealand 1900 2d dull violet variety, SG276var
NEW ZEALAND 1878 2s deep rose 'First sideface', SG185
Australia New South Wales 1871 2s black and brown Telegraph, SGT5
Australia New South Wales 1867 4d pairs, SG203/4
Kuwait 1939 set of 13 to 15r, SG36/51w
Kuwait 1939 set of 13 to 15r, SG36/51w
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Ireland 1937 "St Patrick" set of 3 to 10s, SG102/4
IRELAND 1922 1d scarlet variety, SG31b
IRELAND 1922 1d scarlet variety, SG31b
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