George Bernard Shaw handwritten notes

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  • Two wonderful handwritten notes from playwright George Bernard Shaw - (one signed 'GBS').

Each written at the bottom of letters from the same correspondent,

Dated October - November 1937.

The first note (unsigned) is a response to an inquiry about the manuscript of a children's book that had been sent for Shaw's input.

Shaw writes, in part: "What has become of (the manuscript) now heaven only knows. I daresay it will turn up presently the address given above... If you send it to me a third time it will go straight into the dustbin".

The correspondent then sent an effusively apologetic response, to which Shaw replies: "Why pester the Post Office? (...) As it was not destroyed it must be somewhere on the premises. I have no time to look for it but it is statistically certain it will turn up presently".

Both letters come mounted to cardboard and are amusing, characteristic examples of Shaw's prickly temperament.

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