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  • Two unique John Lennon artworks, sketched and signed by the Beatle.

A single 8 x 6 inch piece of paper, featuring two Lennon pencil sketches (one on each side) in his unique style.

Each sketch also features John Lennon’s signature in pencil.

Both sketches resemble those Lennon produced for his first book, 1964’s In His Own Write.

The first sketch features a man sat underneath a tree.

The artwork closely resembles Lennon’s illustration for his poem ‘I Sat Belonely’, which features In His Own Write.

This is quintessential Lennon. A figure seated under a tree was a popular subject for the Beatle:

  • Lennon drew a tree artwork for ‘Leslie’ (Christie’s, April 27, 1989, lot 617)
  • Lennon drew another for “Colin” (Sotheby’s, June 24, 2014, lot 76 - hammer price $20,000)
  • And Lennon drew himself and wife Yoko Ono sat under a tree for the cover of the 1971 John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band album

As such, this is a rare opportunity to own one of Lennon’s most immediately recognisable drawings

Lennon’s signature is large and handsome.

The second sketch features two figures talking

Again, the artwork is typical Lennon. The two figures are in the same style as those featured In His Own Write - with the figures each having three toes. It’s possible the bespectacled figure is a self portrait.

Lennon’s signature is sharp and attractive.

Lennon’s artwork rarely comes up for auction, particularly those in this idiosyncratic style. And particularly signed pieces such as these.

It is especially rare to find Lennon sketches on both sides of a sheet of paper.

Would look fantastic with a double-sided frame.

Slight paper loss which does not affect the sketches or signatures.

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