For Richard Paterson, the worlds of whisky and militaria collecting clashed horribly when his drinking hand was sliced by a historic knife.

The world-class whiskey blender, of Glasgow-based Whyte & Mackay, was rearranging his knife and sword collection when the horrific accident happened.

The 18th century Bowie knife - which belonged to James Bowie who fought at the Battle of the Alamo - crashed off the wall and cut the tendons on Mr Paterson's right hand.  

Mr Paterson, whose expert nose is insured for £1m due to his uncanny, world-renowned ability, feared his drinking hand might never be used again.

But he was in high spirits and celebrating with a dram this week, after the cast was removed and his hand given the all-clear.

"I rearrange the sword and knives from time to time. This time the Bowie knife came crashing down and struck my hand," Mr Paterson told The Glaswegian newspaper.

"There was a fear that the tendons might not heal properly - if I had wanted to keep drinking whisky with my right hand, I would have had to keep it in the shape it was with a cast, which was ridiculous. My hand looked like a Lego model.

"But it has healed. The hand is still a little tender but I've been having a few drams from our range to celebrate my recovery.

"I wonder now if I should get my hands insured too. After all my nose is insured for more than £1m so perhaps I should get an extension on that policy."

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