Video of the Week.... A fascinating look at wine investment

Against the unpredictability of the stock markets, fine wines are being increasingly turned to as a stable area of investment by buyers and collectors around the world.

For instance, research by the Swiss economists Jean-Philippe Weisskopf and Philippe Masset found that that value of Bordeaux wines bought at auction rose by 198% between 1996 and 2009.

Demand for fine wine has risen in recent years, with growing wealth in Russia and the Far East helping to push up prices.

A new generation of buyers in China are buying great vintages - and they're not just storing vintage wines, they're drinking them. This is leading to higher auction prices for the best vintages.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong is now rivalling London and New York as a hub for vintage wines - with Sotheby's recent $7.2m sales perfectly demonstrating how the region's buyers are nurturing the investibility of fine wines.

Our Video of the Week, by Provenance Fine Wines, offers a run-down of everything you need to think about if you're considering investing in this unique and passion-driven market.




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