Ivy Needham of St Johns House Residential Home, Westwell Road in Streatham has just celebrated her 100th birthday, and one thing you can be sure of is that she had a nice tot of whisky.

Not because it's a special occasion, particularly, she just has one every day she can.

"Everyone had a wonderful time wishing Ivy a happy birthday." said St Johns Team Leader Pearl Brown.

"She's a fun-loving person and she likes her shot of whisky, which is her secret to a long life." 

Although she doesn't need a great deal of company, Ivy is popular in the home. Anything but legless, she has the most mobility of any of the residents, and they enjoy how active she is.

Ivy worked at Harrods until she was 65. That wasn't when she retired, she went on to work another eight years at Harvey Nichols.

Ivy has outlived two husbands and nine siblings, including a twin.

Born on September 1 1909 in Peckham, she celebrated her birthday with a lively party on Sunday.


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