Miniature bottle of Laphroaig whisky beats estimate

A miniature bottle of 1960s era Laphroaig whisky realised £830 ($1,089) in McTear’s recent Rare and Collectible Whiskies auction in Glasgow.

It achieved an increase of 38.3% on its £600 ($788) estimate, an unusually large sum for a miniature.   

Laphroaig mini bottle

The consignors originally planned to throw this bottle of Laphroaig out 

A local couple brought the bottle to an evaluation at McTear’s on a whim. They’d owned it for years, but had no real idea as to its value.

Laurie Black, a spokeswoman for McTear’s, told STV News: "They had quite a few interesting bottles but the Laphroaig immediately stood out.

"The couple actually said that if we didn't think the miniatures were worth anything they would just throw them out...

"The 20 Under Proof miniature, which dates to the 1960s, is extremely rare and we knew it would attract a lot of interest from collectors...

"The fierce bidding showed just how eager some whisky enthusiasts were to add it to their collection, with the bottle finally selling to a buyer in Scotland for £830.”

Founded in 1815 on the Isle of Islay, Laphroaig is one of Scotland’s most acclaimed distilleries. It’s celebrated for the rich, smoky quality of its whiskies.

Full sized examples of the 1960 bottling regularly sell for thousands of dollars.

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