Fine Bordeaux wine collections expected to go down well in Chicago

The news of Acker's October 22 Chicago fine wine auction has been dominated by references to the great Burgundy collector Don Stott, but the Don is not the only one offering a collection worthy of individual attention.

Let's start back to front with their intended 'Grand Finale' (lots 749-813).

This collection comes from a local, Chicago wine-hero whose collecting passion goes back to the 1950s. He was instrumental in setting up some important tasting societies in the Windy City and reporting on wines to the general public for many years.

His collection is a true lifetime of work, and features incredible samplers of Bordeaux and Burgundy, as well as the other major wine-producing regions - something for everyone.

Bottles of 1945 Mouton (lot 751 - $8,000-11,000), magnums of 1982 Latour (lot 769 - $4,000-6,000) and Mouton (lot 771 - $2,600-3,500), double-magnums of 1988 Petrus (lot 779 - $4,000-6,000) are just some of the stand-alone lots worth a second look.

Bordeaux is always the first topic of conversation on the market's mind, and Acker has three incredible Bordeaux collections to keep the buzz going for their first Chicago sale.

Late lots of fine Rousseau wine
Late lots of fine Rousseau wine

Their second featured collection is from America's greatest collector of Bordeaux, and it has been repeatedly dubbed, 'Mint,' for its incredible selection of original wooden case Bordeaux, mostly purchased upon release and never moved (lots 188-218A).

Highlights include cases of 2000 Cheval (lot 190 - $10,000-15,000), 1982 & 1990 Haut Brion (lots 195-196 - $8,000-11,000 each), 1982 Latour (lot 204 - $20,000-30,000) and many others fit for any claret-loving collection.

Watch this space for more news of Acker's remaining Bordeaux collections.

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