'Fastidiously kept' Rioja and Bordeaux collections for sale at Acker this week

Acker Merrall and & Condit (AMC) are offering a fantastic set of collections at their New York auction this week. Previously we've focussed in on the Burgundy, but that is not the full story.

A gorgeous collection of some of the finest contemporary vintages of Bordeaux First Growths and Super Seconds are included in the many offerings in this sale, alongside one of the greatest collections of Rioja we have ever been privileged to encounter.

Wines the likes of these may not be seen again in the US, and Acker is enthusiastic in offering the labour of both passionate collectors.

The first AMC spotlight is cast on a particular Bordeaux collection hailing from the cellar of a very distinguished and successful real estate entrepreneur, whose home cellar provided perfect storage conditions.

Among the treasures in this consignment are wines from the wonderful 2000 vintage such as Lafite (lot 254), Latour (lot 259) and Margaux (lot 266). For shrewd collectors and investors looking for the excitement that a vintage (unnecessarily) in the shadow of an acclaimed year can deliver, we recommend full cases of 2001 Haut Brion (lot 248, lot 249), 2001 Lafite (lot 255) and 2001 Latour (lot 260).

1966 Vina Real Reserva Especiale
Near irresistable 1966 Vina Real Reserva Especiale

The sometimes controversial 2003 vintage delivered three incontestably great wines. The intelligence of this collector in buying these wines on release is obvious, and due to it, you can attain full cases of 2003 Lafite (lot 256), 2003 Latour (lot 261) and 2003 Cos d'Estournel (lot 245). The 2003 vintage soars in the hands of the best and most fastidious estates, and these wines will convince any collector of the summit of those heights.

AMC's second spotlight rains over Spain. The reputation of Rioja as having wines that can rival the heights of old Bordeaux for complexity and ability to age was earned long before that region's recent renaissance. In this incredible collection are some of the greatest names of Rioja from an era that staked out Rioja's claim to European excellence.

Our collector, one of the most global in perspective of those we know, has cared for the Riojas on offer lovingly. He was fastidious in the attention paid to provenance and the art of winemaking as he assembled this collection over many years.

This is truly one of the finest collections outside of Spain itself. There is the greatness of mature and old Riscal and Castillo Ygay back to 1925 (lots 389-391), preceded by decades-long magic of Heredia hailing back to 1947 (lots 381-387) and the equal summitry of several decades of CVNE (lots 371-378).

There is also 1941 and 1953 Unico on offer (lots 365, 366) and "youngsters" like 1962, 1964, 1966 (lot 367). As we said at the outset, it will likely be many years before these wonderful wines are auctioned in the US - if ever we see them again. The auction takes place on September 10.


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