Coveted Macallan 51-year-old takes the top prize at collectible whisky auction

Whiskyauction's S1 special sale took place last weekend (November 27-28), and the star of the show was a predictable name: Macallan.

The bottle of 1948 Select Reserve single Highland Malt took the honours, eventually selling after some fierce bidding for $3,912.

Bottled on October 12 1948, the 51 year-old whisky was one of only 366 bottles produced and is seen as one of the most prized single malts available.

The 51-year old single malt sold for $3,912

Macallan have already had an excellent year, with a bottle of their 64 year-old reserve breaking the World Record for most expensive whisky in July when it sold for an incredible $460,000.

And with the recent boom in the Asian market, as China's nouveau-riche turn their attention from wine to whisky collecting, it looks like 2011 could see more success for the world-renowned distillery.

A recent deal between the British and Chinese governments will mean only whisky distilled in Scotland can be marketed as "Scotch", so home-grown companies such as Macallan are sure to prosper.

They may even be tempted to have a wee dram to celebrate.


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