Collectors await the highly-limited BHK cigar

May 12 sees the launch of Cohiba Behikes new BHK cigars in unsurprisingly limited supply. And once they are gone, that's it until their next annual release.

The highly-limited new release from
Cohiba Behike

The splendid Havanas are presented in boxes of 10. They will be much sought-after by top collectors, many of whom have apparently made 10-year plans to collect a portion of BHKs each year.

According to industry insiders, the BHKs have a different blend to the 40th anniversary Behikes which were aged five years.

Each cigar contains an extra Medio tiempo filler leaf - very dark and from the top of the plant - which gives the cigar a very distinct flavour.

The BHKs are being sold through select online dealers, and their quality and scarcity will make them a definitive collectible cigar for 2010.

Prices on the boxes are reportedly lower than expected - for instance around £269 for a collectible box of 10 - but these scarce stogies will accrue value once they're all snapped up by eager buyers.


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