Berry's century-old single Orkney and Laphroaig malt whisky could bring $10,600

Following on from its Islay-dominated sale last month, at which a box of Sherriff's Bowmore made a £6,100 showing, and a 70cl bottle of Black Bowmore 1964 surpassed its £1,600 high estimate with a £1,700 performance, McTear's whisky department is in full flow again.

The company is no doubt fairly confident of a good performance after a solid performance last time round. In general the high quality whisky markets seem in good shape too. Just last week Morrison Bowmore Distillers announced an 11% rise in profits thanks to their malt whisky assets.

A full 500 lots are going under the hammer, (well one short: 499) and a grand range of fine single malts (and blends) from all over Scotland - Islay, Speyside and the Highlands. There are also some Cognacs and even Champagnes on offer.

Berrys malt Laphroaig Islay whisky
Berry's malt Laphroaig Islay whisky

There are around three dozen Macallan lots, for example, led by a 30 year old 700ml bottle and a Macallan Anniversary bottle - distilled 1962 and bottled 1988 - of 750ml. Both are in their wooden boxes with the latter expected to bring as much as £1,600

Then there's a Springbank 50 Year Old Single Campbeltown Malt Whisky in teardrop style bottle. Filled up to the neck, there are 26 2/3 fl oz on offer at a no-nonsense 63.3% volume. It too is boxed and estimated at up to £1,400.

For curiosity if nothing else, there is a very rare bottle of Highland Park 35 year old single Orkney malt whisky.

Bottled in honour of John MacLeod Goodwin and appearing in a carton with an invitation and menu for Mr MacLeod's retirement dinner it could bring up to £2,000.

The top lots, however, are expected to be two bottles from Berry Bros & Rudd: a 1902 single Orkney malt and a Laphroaig 1908 single Islay malt whisky. Gold label bottles, with the liquor in the neck, they are expected to bring up to £3,000 and £3,500 ($5,700) respectively.

The sale takes place on August 24 in Glasgow and online.


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