A truly 'Deliciosos' collectible cigar: the La Gloria Cubana

A limited edition Cuban cigar has hit the market which promises to bring a whole new meaning to the world "Deliciosos".

The La Gloria Cubana Deliciosos measures 5" in length, with a 48 ring gauge, and its 2009 Cuban regional edition is now available on the market - of which just 2,000 jars were made.

As a brand, La Gloria Cubana has existed since 1885, when it was created by the Sociedad Cabañas y Castro, and was then bought 20 years later by José F Rocha who manufactured the cigars in Havana.

Limited La Gloria Cubana Deliciosos cigars in a ceramic 'mini humidor'

Today, La Gloria Cubana cigars remain very popular as an export brand.

Presented in white ceramic jars containing 25 smokes with humidification units in the lids, the Deliciosos offers medium strength, a cool draw and - as its name suggests - is delicious.

At present, a jar of 25 cigars can be found on the market priced at around £500. But values for these limited smokes are sure to appreciate, and they remain a good tip for investors and collectors alike.



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