Wallis Simpson's pearl necklaces up 10.5% pa
p>A pair of pearl necklaces which once belonged to Wallis Simpson - the American socialite, whose third husband, formerly King Edward VIII, abdicated the throne in order to marry her - has sold in the UK for £2,150 ($3,129).
Wallis Simpson pearl necklace
One of the Duchess’ pearl necklaces. Edward and Wallis were known to mark personal milestones with lavish gifts. Could this necklace have been a gift from Edward to Wallis?

The necklaces sold at Halls Fine Art Auctions in Shrewsbury, UK for £1,200 ($1,877) and £950 ($1,408), respectively.

The necklaces were discovered in a garage from a deceased estate, accompanied by a note stating that they had once belonged to Simpson.

Also found was a 1987 auction catalogue from Sotheby's auction of the Duchess of Windsor's jewellery. The 1987 sale saw the pearls bring £160 ($250), they have therefore increased in value by 1150%, or 10.5% pa.

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