Sarcar's £300k ultra-luxury watch

Watchmakers Sarcar are known for their ostentatious, diamond-studded timepieces, and the Sarcar Carrousel happily continues in this tradition.

The Carrousel is so-named after the constantly circulating movement of the large diamonds around the watch face, similar to the external movements sported by other Sarcar watches.

The Carrousel boasts 12 half-carat diamonds set in gold, rotating against a mother of pearl backdrop. A number of other diamonds decorate the dial on the 18k white, or red, gold 40mm wide case.

The Sarcar Carrousel (300k)
The Sarcar Carrousel: the outer diamonds rotate around the watch face (£300k)

Overall, there are an incredible 399 diamonds in the watch, weighing 13.21 carats. It is held on the wrist with a gold folding clasped crocodile strap.

At 40mm, the watch is pleasingly small and perhaps suitable for a woman or a man - though its swirling diamonds recall Harry Winston's $46k Guggenheim ladies' watch. Internally, it is powered by an automatic mechanical movement.

Once again, Sarcar have successfully managed to embody "extreme luxury". Each piece will be priced at $300,000.

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