Rolex Comex Submariner could make $40,000 on October 14

A Rolex Comex Submariner watch, circa 1972, is to lead Fellows' October 14 sale of Vintage and Modern Wrist Watches in Birmingham, UK.

The watch, which carries an estimate of £18,000-25,000 ($28,700-39,858), was the result of a collaboration between Rolex and Comex - a French dive company.

Rolex Comex Submariner
The rarity of the watch justifies its high estimate

The watch represents an early stage in the development of the Seadweller - a pioneering diving watch that features a helium escape valve.

The Submariner features the valve but not the Comex logo, which appeared on the dial in later watches. A limited number were presented to employees of the company, and rarely come to auction.

A similar example sold for $60,000 ($95,660) at Antiquorum in New York in 2008.

A number of other watches from Rolex feature at the auction, including a platinum automatic lady's Oyster and a stainless steel gentleman's Submariner, dating to 2000 and 1984 respectively, both valued at £10,000-15,000 ($15,943-23,915).

An 18k white gold gentleman's Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona is another highlight, expected to bring £9,000-12,000 ($14,349-19,132).  

Other brands at the auction include Patek Phillipe, represented by an 18k gold quartz Jumbo Beta 21. 

Patek Phillipe 18k Beta
The watch was produced in 1970

The watch was made during a time when the industry was transitioning from electronic to modern quartz watches and, with only 6,000 units ever produced, is both extremely rare and a highly desirable collector's piece.

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