Oswald Mosley's wife's pearls to auction at Bonhams

A pearl necklace that once belonged to Cynthia Mosley, wife of controversial British politician Oswald Mosley, who is best known for his 1968 immigration-centred "Rivers of Blood" speech, is to auction at Bonhams London on April 24.

The pearl necklace has been valued at £60,000-80,000 ($91,230-121,654).

Oswald Mosley pearl necklace auction
Valued at £60,000-80,000 ($91,230-121,654), the necklace is to auction on April 24

Cynthia Mosley (nee Curzon), daughter of Edwardian statesman and Indian viceroy Lord Curzon, is considered among the last flowerings of the privileged world of the Victorian haute monde. Guests at the Mosleys' wedding included King George V and Queen Mary, Leopold III and the King and Queen of Belgium. The pearls are believed to have been a gift from father to daughter.

The Mosleys' marriage was not a happy union: Oswald had numerous affairs and is said to have bullied his wife in public.

Cynthia died in 1933 of peritonitis.

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