Napoli fans club together for Maradona's earring

Diego Maradona is one of the most famous, and infamous, footballers of all time.

During his career he set world record club transfer fees, and scored the 'Goal of the Century' whilst playing for Argentina against England in the World Cup and was voted FIFA player of the century alongside Pele.

He is also remembered for the notorious 'Hand of God' goal against England in that same match, and after his career ended in 1997 he descended into drug addiction, alcoholism and rapid weight gain.

Maradona got his life back on track to the extent that he has become Argentina's coach, though without ringing success, but the Italian government has revealed that he still owes €37m following his time playing for Napoli (1984-1991), much of which is interest on the original debt.

Maradona has paid back just €42,000, not including two Rolexes which were confiscated in 2006 worth €10,000 and now the earring which has been put up for auction with an estimate of €4,000.

However, it's quite possible that it will sell for far more than this, as €4,000 is an estimate based on the intrinsic value of the earring, ignoring the memorabilia draw which is strong. (Auctions such as that of Lehman Brothers art and Bernie Madoff's accessories and clothing show how auctioneers can underestimate this.)

Nothing shows this as strongly as the reaction of Napoli fans who idolise Maradona based on his seven years at the club and an organised clubbing together to buy the earring has built up a head of steam. The auction takes place next week.


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