Music hall star Lupino Lane’s jewellery hits the high notes

Cockney music hall legend and former child star Lupino Lane (aka the Little Nipper) was one of the biggest names in British entertainment.  

A member of the Lupino performing dynasty, he began his career in the early 1900s.

Sweetheart Mine Lupino

Sweetheart Mine was a major hit for Lupino Lane 

By the 1930s, he’d had a string of successes – the best known today being the musical Me and My Girl.

To celebrate, Lupino had some jewellery made for his wife. 

All link back to Lupino’s body of work.

This week, a selection of those pieces crossed the block at Woolley & Wallis.

The highlight was a diamond encrusted brooch bearing the words “Sweetheart Mine”, the name of a 1946 West End musical..

The piece achieved its top estimate of £3,000 ($4,274).

A collection of three smaller brooches realised £1,500 ($2,137).

The first reads “Nip”, in reference to his Little Nipper moniker, while another says “Me and My Girl”.

The final piece is a ruby and diamond number that simply reads “Oi”.

That’s a reference to the Lambeth Walk, a wildly popular song from Me and My Girl.

Even King George VI and his wife Queen Elizabeth were spotted singing along in their box when they attended the show.

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