As watch enthusiasts will know by now, there is a significant auction of modern and vintage pieces occurring in New York City.

We have already reported on pieces notable for other reasons: Marlon Brando's watch, a space-flown Seiko and a vintage Patek Phillipe.

The modern classics, however, have not been acknowledged.

There are four recent Patek Phillipes, all with a striking black dial in platinum casing arrangement from the year 2000. All are minute repeaters of the finest quality.

The Patek Philippe Ref 3939HP is a classically circular watch produced on February 12 2000 with a one minute tourbillon regulator and secondary silver dial. Tourbillon regulators are tiny carousels which compensate for the effects of gravity.

Patek Phillippe 3939HP

The Patek Philippe Ref 3974 from March 122000 is also circular, but is also self-winding, and the busier dial shows the complete date, inclusive of indicating leap years and moon phases, with secondary silver dial.

The Patek Philippe Ref 5013 first sold on June 26 2000 is tonneau-shaped (ie the face has curved sides but is flat at the top and bottom in line with the strap edge). It is similarly self-winding, and shows the date, leap years and moon phases, though the date is on a more traditional sub-dial.

The Patek Philippe Ref 5016 originally sold on February 12, 2000 returns to the circular dial, but its date-indicator is still in the more traditional form, and includes just the leap year. It too has a one-minute tourbillon regulator.

The Patek Philippe Ref 3939HP is estimated at $400,000-600,000, whilst the other three are expected to fetch $450,000-650,000.

We should also take the opportunity to mention one more, older, watch: the 1735 - Grande Complication Blancpain, one of 30 first sold in the 1990s.

The busy white circular dial has three sub-dials plus moon phase indicator to indicate the complete date. It also has a push-button split second stop watch function.

Watch collecting has become ever more popular in recent years amongst celebrities and others looking for a safe and enjoyable place to store their wealth. 



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