Manfred Wild's Moon and Stars suite makes $100,000 at Bonhams

The Moon and Stars suite, a set of decorative objects and jewellery designed by Manfred Wild, realised $100,000 at Bonhams Los Angeles on December 10.

The lot consisted of a blue enamelled silver egg topped with a 6.25 carat moonstone cabochon, speckled with gold enamel stars.

The stem of the piece is encrusted with diamonds, and extends from a base of semi-translucent crystal quartz.

Manfred Wild Moon Stars suite
The Moon and Stars suite comprises an enamelled box with earclips, a pendant and two brooches

In addition, a removable gold sun pendant with a carved 18.47 carat citrine gemstone is attached to the lid, which opens to reveal a pair of 18k gold ear clips featuring the same motif.

A bouquet of flowers by the designer also performed well, achieving $65,000.

The lot featured over 50 flowers rendered in morganite, aquamarine, red tourmaline and mandarin garnets - with ruby cabochons making up the central bulbs.

The vase is crafted from rock crystal quartz and features intricate engravings, while the base is formed of a large square of aventurine quartz.

Manfred Wild is one of the world's foremost lapidary artists, and works from his studio in Idar-Oberstein, Germany.

Elsewhere at the auction, a carved fossil woolly mammoth tusk made $59,375.

Following a ban on the use of elephant ivory in 1972, mammoth tusks were increasingly used in Chinese carving.

The piece is almost seven feet long and features a desirable blue-green colouration, carved with traditional Chinese symbols - ranging from clouds to Buddhas.

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