Internally flawless Golconda diamond set to make $12.5m at Christie's

A 52.58-carat internally flawless diamond from the famed Golconda mine in India will provide the highlight of Christie's Magnificent Jewels sale in New York on December 10.

Internally flawless Golconda diamond
The Golconda mine is renowned for producing diamonds of a superior quality

The sale follows Christie's highly successful sales of the Princie Diamond and the Orange this year, as well as a stream of successes for Sotheby's, including the record-breaking Pink Star. The current diamond, a rectangular cut D-colour example, is valued at $9.5m-12.5m.

The world record for any white diamond was set at Sotheby's in October, with a 188.2-carat stone selling for $30.6m.

The Golconda mine, which also produced the Princie Diamond, is renowned for its diamonds of a "superior luminance, luster and distinct brilliance", according to Christie's.

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