How Grieb & Benzinger makes its fine and collectible watches

It was only recently that Jochen Benzinger, Hermann Grieb, and Georg Bartkowiak surprised the watch world with their unique Grieb & Benzinger Platinum luxury watches based on historical movements.

Grieb & Benzinger may not be a household name like Rolex but, in just a short amount of time, its watches have become an insider tip for collectors - with a maximum of five to 10 being produced each year.

Because they have inspired so much demand among collectors, Benzinger's workshop is now offering a new collection of unique, one-of-a-kind and specially skeletonised timepieces for sale.

Grieb & Benzinger's White Dragon
finely crafted rare wristwatch

The rare and luxurious timepieces will apparently be made available in steel, white gold, or rose gold as desired based on contemporary movements.

According to Benzinger, its new collection boasts genuine hand-guilloché dials, and technical modifications such as the striking position of the hour and minute displays above the dial.

German Benzinger timepieces are becoming instantly recognisable among collections around the globe, thanks to their incredible craftsmanship and rarity (with only about 100 watches leaving the workshop every year).

As such, private clients and retailers from all over the world personally visit the workshop in Pforzheim in order to discuss requests for made-to-order timepieces.

And now you too can have an insight into what makes Benzinger watches so coveted among collectors. The watchmaker has released a new video offering a fascinating insight into its manufacturing processes (see above).



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