Your chance to unlace the 'world's most expensive shoes' by A Testoni

If you're looking for a new pair of shoes (and money is no object) then the Italian leather goods label A Testoni may have the perfect fit...

Just $38,000 can buy you this strikingly elegant pair by the Italian luxury goods label, founded by Amedeo Testoni in Bolgona in 1929.

But why exactly are these shoes not only expensive, but the world's most expensive?

According to A Testoni, the pairs are crafted from the world's finest exotic alligator skin using traditional Norwegian construction techniques.

The $38,000 shoes by A Testoni, boasting durability and water resistance

The skin is stitched with custom-made linen twine and complemented with glove-soft goatskin lining, topped-off with a discreet gold and diamond buckle.

Practicality also matches the shoes' luxury. The pair apparently boasts durability, water resistance, and protection from hot, cold or humid weather conditions.

All of these elements are brought together using a patented 'piuma rapid' process. The shoes are made, deconstructed and then reconstructed in a process which involves some 200 manual operators.


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