You don't need to be an expert in collectibles...just invest with one

When investment advisers are quizzed on investing in collectibles, they usually all chime to the same tune: to make money from collectibles, you need to be an expert.

In the Wall Street Journal, George "Gus" Sauter, a senior consultant to Vanguard Group, states, "If you have expert insight, it might be rewarding. But, don't try this at home."

And he's got a point - I always recommend that our customers buy what they love. That way, when it comes to researching the piece and finding the best way to profit from it they'll do so with ease, absorbing the necessary information to gain a wider view of the market.

Should the market slump for a short while (a rare occurrence according the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index), they'll be more than happy to hold on to their prized collectible.

Managers miss out

But as one insightful reader adds in response to Sauter's pessimism, "What they [advisers] are always saying is that, 'I don't make any commission or money when my clients invest in these products, so I'm going to respond negatively.'"

This is certainly true. While auction houses can take a large cut from a transaction, the wealth manager makes a frosty 0%. Yet, if there were no gains to be made, would we see the likes of Bill Gross investing in stamps, or Leon Black investing in art? - I think not.

These guys know - and have witnessed - the kind of profit, diversification and low volatility that collectibles can offer. They clearly haven't got the time to be poring over stamp catalogues or conducting deep research into art history, so what's their secret?

Trust me, I'm an expert

Just like a stockbroker or wealth manager can look after your traditional investments, an expert in the field can take care of your collectibles. Sadly, that's a fact that is too often overlooked.

Our company offers a complete package for those looking to profit from collectibles. Using a combined 250+ years of experience in the industry, we can guide you from your very first purchase right through to owning a premier collection of top quality items.

We'll even provide expert assistance when you decide to exit.

I've worked in the collectibles industry for countless years, so I know firsthand the kind of worries that can hold you back from making that purchase. That's why we provide free insured storage, a lifetime authenticity guarantee and free market reports, so you are kept up to date with any developments - all of this with no management fees.

Moreover, you'll be dealing with the director of Paul Fraser Collectibles, so you can arrange one-to-one meetings and they'll answer any questions that might be bothering you. That's not to mention our 120% Investment Guarantee.

Simply put, it's easy to see why traditional investment managers are threatened by the potential of collectibles!

To find out more, read our free guide on Investing in Collectibles, or just call +44 (0) 117 933 9500 or email

Until next week,

Paul Fraser

P.S Are you a forward-thinking wealth manager? We already offer impartial advice on investing in collectibles to more than 1,400 investment managers around the world, and are uniquely placed to help you and your clients, so get in touch.

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