Will & Kate Royal collectibles: 'It's a Royal wedding for Will & Kate - and a royal time for collectors'

These are incredible figures...

Twenty million people are set to flock into London. While more than two billion television viewers will tune in around the world.

The projected attendance and viewing figures for Prince William and Kate Middleton's Royal wedding this Friday (April 29) are staggering.

Of course, 20 million is an impressive figure. But how about 200 million?

That's the estimated number of collectors worldwide - and growing. What's more, a significant proportion of these collectors are particularly attracted to Royal memorabilia.

The Royal collectibles market remains one of the most passion-driven and profitable collecting niches - of which I am a long-time advocate.

The legacy of Diana, Princess of Wales,
remains unforgotten among collectors 

I especially love Royal collectibles for the sheer breadth of history they cover. And the passion they stir in bidders at the world's top auction salerooms is always an impressive sight.

There is also the variety of Royal collectibles. They encompass everything from autographs and rare manuscripts to antique furniture, clothing and stamps.

Meanwhile, you'll no doubt have seen the plethora of mugs and commemorative plates featuring Will & Kate which have been springing up everywhere in time for the wedding.

As a result, people who are new to investing in collectibles often ask me: is there really any value in these commemorative pieces as investments?

Well, commemorative mugs and plates can be nice to own. But I'm afraid there isn't really any value in them.

Where should you be putting your money instead?

Here's my advice: after decades of dealing in Royal collectibles, there is one "Golden Investment Rule" which I today swear by:

"Avoid things that are produced to make money" - Paul Fraser Collectibles' Golden Rule

That includes things like commemorative plates, mugs and tea towels.

In other words, stick to the "Crown Jewels". By that I mean items which are rare, personal and boast impeccable provenance.

Most importantly, they should also have a direct link to Royalty.

What sort of items am I talking about? Well, here are some great examples which Paul Fraser Collectibles currently has in stock...

Elizabeth II & Prince Philip, autographs on family portrait
£1,750 Family portrait signed by The Queen and Prince Philip

Family portrait of the royals
£2,950 Signed by Charles and Diana

Charles and Diana signed Christmas card
£2,950 Signed by Charles and Diana

Note from Diana, with signature
£4,950 personal handwritten note signed by Diana

Handwritten letter, Diana, Princess of Wales
£5,950 personal handwritten note signed by Diana

Needless to say, these items are rare. After all, Royal collectibles are among the most popular pieces sought by collectors who visit our website.

Get a 'princely sum' from your investment

But what sort of returns can you expect from Royal memorabilia?

You can find the evidence in the PFC40 Autograph Index. According to the figures, a photograph signed by Diana, Princess of Wales, is one of the best investments out there.

Her value has risen by 580%. That means if you bought a signed Diana photo 10 years ago for £1,250, it could today be worth as much as £8,500.

Kate Middleton's dress will remain
a bona fide - and valued - piece
of history

It's inevitable that people are remembering Diana because of the Royal wedding - and therefore no surprise that we've had a big rush on her collectibles in recent weeks.

As a result, we only have a few Diana items left if stock. If you're interested, then you might like to browse our Royal memorabilia for sale.

History - and passion - at your fingertips

Yet, even if you miss out on our Princess Diana stock items, there is a wealth of historic memorabilia out there. Whether it's a signed letter by Charles II, or even Henry VIII's personal divorce plea to Rome.

The major strength of Royal memorabilia is that it stirs buyers' passions. Interest in Henry VIII or Princess Diana will surely never dwindle - and their collectibles will always be sought-after by high end individuals and museums for many years to come.

Likewise Kate Middleton's dress, which auctioned for £78,000 at Kerry Taylor Auctions last month.

And, with an audience of more than two billion expected for this Friday's wedding, these are certainly exciting times for Royal collectors - and for you as an investor.

You can find out a bit more about it with Paul Fraser Collectibles' exclusive and FREE Royal Wedding Guide.

Or, for more information on how you can benefit from collecting Royal memorabilia, please feel free to contact our experts at:

+44 (0) 117 933 9500


Until next time, have a great Royal wedding weekend!

All the best,



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