Will Gandhi's sandals auction for $23,000?

Mahatma Gandhi's battered sandals are to auction at Mullock's Auctions on May 21.

Ghandi auction
Gandhi’s battered sandals are to be sold in the UK on May 21

Expected to bring £15,000 ($23,034), the size eight sandals represent a crucial element in the civil rights leader's iconic (and largely unchanging) attire - circular spectacles, flowing linen shawl and strappy sandals.

Along with the sandals, Gandhi's prayer beads and his will are also to star.

Although items associated with the Indian nationalist leader and celebrated pacifist often prove popular at auction (a sample of soil thought to contain traces of Ghandi's blood sold for $15,940 in April 2012), many argue that items associated with Gandhi - a man who famously eschewed physical wealth and material possessions - should not be used in financial transactions.

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