Where are the leading wealth management companies investing?


How things change.

The collectibles business was a lonely place to be when I first started out over 35 years ago. "A highly eccentric career path" was how one friend described it!

It was a niche area for hobbyists. Any idea of making money from the sector was deemed fanciful.

Today, the hobbyists remain - in fact their numbers have grown considerably - but importantly they have been joined by a global demographic of investment-minded collectors.

These guys are passionate about owning rare memorabilia and artefacts, and passionate about using these items as a way to store or increase wealth.

Today, the serious mainstream press is bursting with news of the growing demand for rare collectibles, among collectors and investors alike.

And a recent article in the Financial Times is a superb case in point.

"Wealth management companies have been increasing their holdings in alternative investments as a way of diversifying client portfolios in ever more challenging markets," reads the article.

"[Wealth] managers explain that alternative investing - collectables such as stamps, coins, art, wine and classic cars - has grown increasingly popular over the past decade as returns from equities in particular have stalled and concerns about the stability of the world financial system have grown."

Rare coins diversifying
Investing in alternatives such as rare coins has grown increasingly popular during the last 10 years, say wealth managers. Pictured is a Charles I-period item currently in our stock.

Nothing is guaranteed in life, yet with some of the world's biggest, most successful wealth management firms buying into collectibles, I suggest that if you have the capital, the sector is certainly worth your attention.

After all, there are times to be pioneering, and there are other times when following the world's financial experts is the most sensible thing to do.

To discuss whether diversifying with collectibles is right for you, please do get in touch with one of my friendly team.

+44 (0)117 933 9500 or info@paulfrasercollectibles.com

And let me also point you to some of our rarest pieces - it is these museum-grade, highly sought-after items that we believe have the most appreciation potential in the years to come.

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