What Gandhi taught memorabilia investors this week

You'll no doubt have seen that a fragment of soil containing Gandhi's blood sold at auction this week.

The artefact has been hitting the headlines around the globe thanks to its highly unusual and somewhat macabre nature.

But the real interest to collectibles investors lay elsewhere in the auction.

For while the small patch of soil sold for £10,000 ($15,980), Mahatma Gandhi's spectacles made a whopping £34,000 ($54,330), beating their £15,000 high estimate by 126.6%.

But why the difference in value between the two items?

It's due to the iconic nature of the spectacles.


Gandhi's spectacles


Asked to describe Gandhi and most of us would probably detail a thin, sandal-wearing man, with wire-framed, round spectacles.

The spectacles are quintessential Gandhi.

They give the new owner an immediate connection with one of the most acclaimed men of all time.

Collectors are willing to pay top prices to own archetypal pieces of memorabilia connected with history's most important figures.

How can investors like you capitalise?

At Paul Fraser Collectibles we have compiled a number of iconic items from some of the world's most famous names.

These are quintessential items that I believe will be strong players in the collectors' markets for decades to come, thanks to their instantaneous visual bond with the personality.

You can buy now, and look forward to potential profits in years to come. Take a look for yourself below:

Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol's black sweaters became a huge part of his identity - numerous photographs show him adorned in black. We are delighted to offer you just such a garment, worn by Warhol in the 1980s.

Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin

Think Chaplin and you immediately think of his "Tramp" persona, complete with bowler hat and cane. This signed photograph of Chaplin in his most famous guise is a real piece to treasure.

Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini


Come face-to face with this escapology prop sack and you're immediately transported to the world of Harry Houdini. This sack was employed by Houdini for his famous act, circa 1915. It makes for a superbly quintessential and potentially profitable piece of memorabilia.

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