Weird or wonderful? You decide!

If you're a regular reader of this column you'll know that I'm a passionate advocate of the investment potential of high-end collectibles.

But it's Christmas, and talk of investment seems somewhat incongruous at this time of year.

So, in the spirit of the season, I wanted to take a brief look at an area of collecting where it's all about the joy it brings, rather than the profit you could make.

Some would call this sector unique. Some say "unusual". Others still have different words for it…

It's niche, but not so niche that it prevented the New York Times from running a major article on the area last week.

It was hugely popular in the Victorian era and is making something of a comeback.

Indeed, it's our number one seller.

Celebrity hair. 

Lord Nelson hair for sale
You can own Lord Nelson's hair today

Celebrity hair?!

Your reaction all depends on your viewpoint.

It's either: "Get that away from me!"

Or: "Incredible, this was once attached to Napoleon/Charles Dickens/Elvis/Marilyn Monroe!"

I'm very much in the latter camp.

To actually own a piece of a famous historical figure - well, you can't get any closer to the greatest names of all time than that.

And imagine the mixture of befuddlement and wonder on your friends' faces when you bring out a piece of George Washington from your wallet after dinner!

And a wonderful thing about the hobby is that it is so inexpensive to get involved, with prices for the majority of famous names in our store set at just £49.95 (approx. $81.00).

So why not spend five minutes perusing our extensive hair collection? You may find something you just have to have!

Here's my personal favourite.

So finally, let me take this opportunity to thank-you for continuing to subscribe to the newsletter in 2012, and to wish you a very Merry Christmas.

Enjoy the festivities!


Paul Fraser

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