Weird Big Brother memorabilia goes up for sale on eBay for charity

In Britain the Reality TV show Big Brother, hosted by Channel 4 for 11 years, has been resurrected on Channel 5. A celebrity edition is underway at the moment.

Bob Righter (anagram of 'Big Brother') in action from 8m in

As it was starting, we looked at the value of Big Brother memorabilia on our blog, noting that items from the early years of the show had often proved valuable - up to five figure sums - but that this seems to have tailed off over the years.

Well now there's an opportunity to see whether or not that's true, as four items from recent Big Brother shows (including a celebrity edition) have gone up for sale on eBay.

These are: A mechanical parrot known as Davina McCaw (Channel 4's Big Brother presenter was Davina McCall), a talking chest of drawers known as The Tree of Temptation, a frankly terrifying automaton called Bob Righter, which wrote predictive notes, and a set of salt and pepper outfits.

The Tree of Temptation chest
'What are you looking at? P*** off!'
The Tree of Temptation Chest

The props all played memorable roles in Big Brother 2010 and the following 'Ultimate Big Brother' except the salt and pepper outfits which were worn by controversial Scottish MP Tommy Sheridan (since convicted of perjury) and La Toya Jackson, sister of Michael Jackson before he died, in Celebrity Big Brother in 2009.

Thus far it seems as though BB memorabilia really isn't as desirable as none of the props have attracted bids of more than a few hundred pounds (and they're probably worth close to that without having any memorabilia value).

This is a shame as the auction is for charity - the Red Cross to be precise - but there are eight days to go before the sale closes on September 2.

The Tree of Temptation, which bribed and threatened housemates to do naughty things around the house, was one of the most popular props ever used on Big Brother. By insulting the housemates and telling them "now, p*** off" it won itself 13,000 fans on Facebook.


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