Video: Auction Kings TV show views Johnny Cash memorabilia for sale

Auction Kings is a highly successful TV series screened on the Discovery Channel in America, with a format which has been compared to Pawn Stars.

Masters of memorabilia... Gallery 63 prepares to deal in
Johnny Cash's collectibles

Following the fortunes of auction house Gallery 63 in Georgia, the show shows the process of the staff picking the items for sale before they are auctioned. The collectibles are as intriguing as they can be, with the series kicking off by looking at a Russian meteorite and an 1800s vampire-killing kit.

The show is one of a range of exciting new shows associated with the value of collectibles, including the thrilling Four Rooms in the UK, and has seem all kinds of collectibles from a John Hancock signature, through a fossil T. Rex tooth and a jewel-encrusted gold pencil by Fabergé.

In the above episode, a long term friend of Ring of Fire singer Johnny Cash offers a signed guitar of his with a range of associated memorabilia.

John Lennon autograph and drawing
John Lennon autograph and drawing available now - click here.
His signature has increased in value by by 799.3% since 2000

Johnny Cash's memorabilia can certainly be valuable. Two guitars signed by the Man in Black headed up a $700,000 sale of his belongings at Julien's last year with both selling in the $25,000-30,000 range.

The signature is important, as the values of great music stars' autographs are going from strength to strength, with autographs by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon and Michael Jackson proving to be strong investments from the year 2000 to the present day, according to the PFC40 Autograph index.

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