Parkins and Gotto, a company based in London created the box which contains chess, draughts, cards and dominoes. The lid and one side unfold to show a chess board and reveal the chess pieces and draughts underneath, whilst a drawer slides open to show the dominoes and cards in separate compartments.

The box is in excellent condition which may have made the difference to the price, which was based on items sold from the same company. Condition can make a huge difference to the worth of toys and games, as they are, by their nature, usually treated roughly and clumsily by children and examples in good condition are always rare.

Classic toys and games become valuable partly because they remind people of their own past. However, the pieces also need to be aesthetically pleasing in the first place. An X-box is not likely to be valuable like a Game Box in 100 years time as it will probably be seen merely as obsolete, not classic.

Whilst here are not many collectors who specialise in collecting vintage board games, there are a few. Director Quentin Tarantino collects vintage board games, mostly based around television shows, which would be likely to hold their value for some time if re-sold as people would remember the show.

In his film Pulp Fiction one of the characters is brought back from near death with an injection of adrenalin. During the scene, the board games Life and Operation are visible in the background.  ____________________________________________________________

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