Venetian narwhal tusk lanterns make $28,500

A pair of Venetian narwhal tusk lanterns auctioned for £18,000 ($28,634) at Louis Taylor Fine Art Auctioneers in the UK on September 9-10.

The lamps, which sold for considerably more than their £5,000-8,000 ($7,954-12,726) estimate, are believed to have been used as decorative lights for a gondola or sedan chair around the early part of the 19th century.

Narwhal tusk lanterns
The lanterns originate from Venice

Constructed from ornate metal and narwhal tusk, the lanterns stand around 6ft high.

The auction house's Clive Hillier told the Antiques Trade Gazette, a weekly publication for the antiques market: "I kept the estimate down to £5,000-8,000 (large unworked narwhal tusks can bring this much on their own). But they were so original, in very good condition and just the thing for the decorative market that I expected them to make more."

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