Unique Item of the Week... The £2m gold 'toy' Bugatti Veyron car

It is the ultimate in bling: one of the fastest road cars of all time, the world-famous Bugatti Veyron, made in sterling silver, 24kt gold and platinum, save for a grill made from a single diamond.  It simply screams wealth and ego.

However, it only does it from your mantelpiece, as the exquisite automobile is scaled at 1/18 of life size (about 12in long).

The extremely limited edition car - only three will be made - is the brainchild of expert model car maker Robert Gülpen from Bernau a. Ch. in Germany, who contacted jeweller Stuart Hughes of Liverpool to help make the vision a reality.

Miniature gold Bugatti
Miniature gold, silver and platinum Bugatti

Hughes has a great love of working with gold, and jumped at the chance. He has previously been responsible for creating gold iPods and iPhones (with diamond Apple logo), and also offers a gold-plated Nintendo Wii for £300,000.

The Bugatti is in an even higher price range however, and is a goldsmith's masterpiece with front wheels that are turned by the steering wheel, doors which open and even a functional sun roof.

Those interested should contact Gülpen to negotiate, but expect to pay £2m - nearly twice the price of a new, full-size Veyron. The strictly limited production of the cars should made them a solid investment - if the owner can keep them away from tiny joyriders.


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