Unique Castro and Guevara signed flag open for bids

Unique Castro and Guevara signed flag open for bids

A unique flag signed by Fidel Castro and Che Guevara has opened for bids at PFC Auctions

PFC Auctions is currently accepting bids on its extremely rare Fidel Castro and Che Guevara signed flag,which marksthe end of illiteracy in Cuba. In 1959 the revolutionary 26th of July Movement overthrew the dictator Fulgencio Batista, thrusting Castro into power as prime minister of Cuba, with Guevara at his side.

Fidel Castro & Che Guevara signed flag  Fidel Castro and Che Guevara signed flag

The "Territorio Libre de Analfabetismo" or "Territory Free of Illiteracy" flag was obtained by a member of the 26th of July Movement, who was present at Fidel Castro's famous 1961 speech in Revolution Square. It was during this speech that he declared Cuba the first territory in Latin America to be freed of illiteracy, marking one of his first major successes. At Castro and Guevara's behest, the revolutionary government had sent 100,000 volunteers to construct schools, train teachers and teach the illiterate peasantry to read and write. By the end of the campaign over 700,000 adults had been taught these vital skills, raising the literacy rate from 76% to 96%. Memorabilia from the divisive leader has seen excellent results at past auctions, with a cheque presented to Che Guevara by Castro selling for an impressive 13,611. Signed items are especially rare and have seen a steady increase in value of 22.20% pa from 2000-2011. Castro related items are expecting a huge boost in value when the ailing president passes away.Paul Fraser Collectibles has compiled a comprehensive market report, highlighting the value of Fidel Castro memorabilia, which is available for free download here. This flag, which includes a personal message from Fidel Castro, provides a brilliant opportunity to own an important piece of Cuban history, signed by two iconic figures that have become renowned worldwide. The flagis joined in the May 3-24 auction by a Castro autographed document and a handwritten letter from the Cuban leader to Nikita Krushchev, former leader of the Soviet Union.You can view the signed flag over at PFC Auctions here.

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