Tyrannosaurus rex teeth auction for $86,500 at Bonhams

Seven recently-discovered tyrannosaurus rex teeth have brought $86,500 to Bonhams' Los Angeles auction.

May 22 saw the dagger-like teeth lead Bonhams' Natural History auction, selling within their $70,000-90,000 estimate.  

T-rex teeth auction
Preserved T-rex teeth are rarely discovered in groups as large as seven

The tyrannosaurus boasted the most powerful bite known to any terrestrial animal, according to a recent British study.

The seven beautifully preserved teeth demonstrate the T-rex's capacity for dental regeneration. Five fully formed teeth shield a pair of smaller - though no less terrifying - emergent teeth, visible on the rear side.

One of the largest land carnivores known to man, the tyrannosaurus rex is the subject of frequent cultural and pop-cultural representations.

The Jurassic Park film franchise iconised the enormous creature, while famous children's character Barney - star of the American television series Barney and Friends - is a stylised, singing representation of the beast.

Thought to be the greatest hunter ever to have walked the earth, T-rex teeth encapsulate the dinosaur's ferocious legacy.

Dino teeth auction
The megalodon is an extinct species of shark, whose name literately translates as “big teeth”

A gigantic reconstructed megalodon jaw also sold with strong results, bringing $74,500.

Megalodons populated the oceans during the cenozoic era (approximately 28m to 1.5m years ago).

Collected by veteran divers off the coast of Cape Fear, Bonhams assert that "each specimen is a wonder in itself; taken together the presentation is a marvellous phenomenon".

The jaw reconstruction contains 138 megalodon teeth.

Dinosaur-related lots often prove popular at auction. In May 2012, a controversial tyrannosaurus bataar skeleton sold at Heritage Auctions for $1.1m. However, the 75% complete skeleton was thought to have been obtained illegally and the sale could not be completed.  

Following a trial in the US, fossil dealer Eric Prokopi admitted to smuggling the dinosaur bones into the country. He now faces up to 17 years in prison, as well as a $250,000 fine.

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