Top Five: investment benefits of Space Collectibles - why you should buy

An estimated 600 million people watched Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin take mankind's first-ever footsteps on the Moon in 1969. But what became of those TV viewers?

The answer is they are now grown-up and responsible for 80% of the world's wealth. What's more, that generation of TV viewers - the "baby boomers" - is helping to turn space collectibles into one of the best places you could put your money.

How are they doing this? There are a number of reasons - and below we've compiled five of our favourites...

1. Fund managers are eyeing-up Space Collectibles

In his excellent book 'Collectible investments: for the High Net Worth Investor', Cambridge University economics academic Steve Satchell outlines why more mainstream funds and investors are likely to embrace collectibles in the future.

Many Institutional Funds have already been created in collectibles - and expect to see many more new ones. These funds will put pressure on the prices of Space Collectibles and increase the shortage of the rarest items.

Any rare Space Collectibles that you own now will likely grow in value in future years.

2. Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins's birthday candles...

Apollo 11's Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins each turn 82 this year.

They're getting old and, when they're not around to sign autographs any more, each man's collectibles will be in finite supply. Prices could rise considerably.

Particularly Aldrin's. He is presently a prolific signer, so you can buy his autographs at relatively low prices because they are less rare.

While Neil Armstrong's autographs are already super-rare and very valued. Armstrong is the world's most valuable living signature, with values up by 981.8% in the last 11 years after he gave up signing autographs in 1994.

3. We've had to re-jig our PFC40 Autograph Index

Our PFC40 Autograph Index is the memorabilia markets' answer to the FTSE100 share index, or Liv-ex's fine wine prices index. And we've have to reassess our figures due to recent successes in the Space Collectibles markets.

Like when a complete set of Moonwalker signatures, featuring each man who walked on the Moon, brought $27,000 last October. The sale exceeded our expectations.

In fact, the average value of a signed 'Moonwalkers' photo rose by 564.1% over the past 11 years, and by 3.60% in the last year alone.

4. The Russian collectors are coming!

Space Collectibles aren't only loved by history-loving Americans. Russian collectors are also getting in on the act - alongside China and Brazil-based collectors. The participation of wealthy Russian buyers saw a space-flown suit worn by Alexei Leonov bring $242,000 last year.

The populations of Brazil, Russia, India and China (often dubbed the "BRIC" nations) are also expected to double in the next 40 years.

And if you think that all sounds impressive, the big results don't end there. The most valuable piece of Space Memorabilia in the world is Russian.

The Vostok capsule, sent into orbit three weeks before Soviet Yuri Gagarin became the first man in space, brought $2.9m at Sotheby's in New York last year.

5. Investors want more control of their assets

Thanks to the current low interest environment, now is a great time to build your own space collection.

Space Collectibles have long been considered 'safe haven' assets - particularly as new World Record prices emerge despite ongoing turmoil in the mainstream financial markets.

In an era when people are tired of banks, uncertainty and lack of control, Space Collectibles are putting investors back in the driving seat. This market boasts great prices histories, growing values and demographics - and a bright future in 2012 and beyond. 

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