Thomas Edison's scientific journal to be offered at $25,000

An extraordinary scientific journal that belonged to the great inventor Thomas Edison is to star in a forthcoming US auction on September 20.

Thomas Edison scientific journal last experiment
Edison's last experiment was conducted at the request of Henry Ford

One of just a few of Edison's journals remaining in private hands, the example at auction is particularly notable as it details Edison's last experiment.

The final work of Edison's life came as a result of Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone's request to find a natural alternative to rubber. Rubber trees did not grow in the US and it was becoming increasingly hard and expensive to source the material for the manufacture of car tyres.

Edison tested thousands of natural materials during the course of the project and he eventually discovered a type of Goldenrod weed that was able to produce enough rubber to be practical. The journal at auction records his experiments between October 24, 1927 and January 9, 1928.

Much of the extensive notes he made for the experiments are already held by the Thomas Edison National Historic Park.

Featuring 117 pages of Edison's handwritten notations and scientific drawings, the book will sell with a $25,000 estimate. Paul Fraser Collectibles believes this to be a conservative estimate given the desirability of the piece and its importance in Edison's life.

We are currently offering an incredibly rare example of Edison's original stock ticker tape machine, which is one of his earliest inventions. Also featuring in our collection is a superb signed manuscript of the Edison Spanish Colonial Light Company's annual report.

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