Thescelosaurus dinosaur skeleton to reach $325,000?

A Thescelosaurus dinosaur skeleton is to star in Bonhams' January 18 natural history auction.

The lot carries an estimate of $275,000-325,000 ahead of the New York sale.

dinosaur Bonhams natural
Thescelosaurus is a member of the Ornithopod family

Thescelosaurus is a member of the Ornithopod family and first appears on the fossil record at the end of the Late Cretaceous period (100m-66m years ago).

It's believed to have been herbivorous or omnivorous and is thought to have mainly existed in North America.

The species was classified in 1913, by Charles Gilmore of the Smithsonian. The bones had been excavated from a location in Wyoming in 1891.

Bonhams comments: "The present impressive specimen leaves no doubt as to why the name Thescelosaurus, meaning godlike, marvellous or wondrous, was given to this species.

"With approximately 85% of the original skeleton represented, this is possibly one of the most complete examples of this genus known."

A sabre tooth cat skull in exceptional condition is valued at $180,000-220,000.

It displays all its original teeth, including its sizeable sabres, and features a wound to the side of the skull that could indicate human interaction.

It was discovered in a sunken cave in Florida.

In 2009, one of the finest known specimens of a sabre tooth skull sold for $334,600 at Heritage Auctions.

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