The Top 5 Television Memorabilia Collectibles

Memorabilia from the popular television shows of the past century has proven consistently popular at auctions over the last ten years.

And it's little surprise when you consider the figures published by the International Television Expert Group in 2009.  Their research found that a massive 1,217.2 million households own a television and also calculated total revenues in the market of £224.7bn ($347.4bn) globally.  

With these figures in mind, it's little wonder that more and more collectors are investing in historic television collectibles. Memorabilia continues to offer a nostalgic investment and it doesn't get much more nostalgic than in the memories attached to your favourite TV programmes.

The good news is, that television collectibles offer a wide range of rare and unique investments.

Here are our top five pieces sold so far:


5. Doctor Who - The "Black Imperial Dalek Mk1"

Doctor Who was first aired on the BBC in 1963. 769 episodes later it remains a firm science fiction television classic amongst viewers.

To date 11 different actors have occupied the titular role.

Back in February 2010, Bonhams hosted the sale of a variety of Doctor Who collectibles.

In amongst the lots, was a 65 inch high black Dalek. The piece had featured in the classic "Remembrance of the Daleks" and carried an estimated price of £2,500 - 3,500 ($3,865 - 5,410).

However, this valuation clearly underestimated the appeal of such a piece to avid collectors and it sold for £20,400 ($31,540).


4. Batman (1966) - The "Bat suit"

Before actors like Michael Keaton and Christian Bale bought brooding and tortured performances to the role of Batman, most fans were more familiar with the 1960s Batman television series.

Starring Adam West, the series was known for its somewhat camp look and catchy 60s soundtrack, as well as the iconic appearance, on screen, of words like "pow" and "wham" during the shows fight scenes.

Back in October 2005, West's original costume from the series came up for sale at in the US.

Investors were obviously feeling nostalgic for the "Camp Crusader" with the piece selling for £23,190 ($35,850).



3. Lost - The "Dharma Initiative" Van

Lost ran for a total of six years and 121 mind bending episodes as Jack, Sawyer and the rest of the Oceanic Flight 815 tried to work out just what was happening to them on the mysterious island.

Back in August 2010, just months after the conclusion of the show, a two day auction of memorabilia from the set was held in Santa Monica in the US. The popularity of the programme amongst collectors was evident, as lots sold for a total of around £1.2m ($1.8m.)

Amongst the highlights of the auction, was the sale of the familiar light blue "Dharma Initiative" van which was regularly featured in the later series.

This van, which was in full working order, sold for an impressive £30,725 ($47,500.)


2. The Roy Rogers Show - "Trigger" the Horse

Whilst some fans may remember Roy Rogers as a popular country music artist and film star, for many it was his classic television hit "The Roy Rogers Show" which proved most memorable.

The show featured the weekly adventures of Roy Roger, the King of Cowboys, who never went anywhere without his trust horse sidekick Trigger.

When the horse finally passed away, aged 30 in July 1965, Rogers decided to immortalise the first animal superstars of American television.

Trigger was stuffed and mounted in the famous rearing position on two legs and became part of the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans museum.

In July 2010, Christie's held a sale of pieces from the museum collection and the event proved a firm hit with memorabilia collectors.

And Trigger asserted his star status once again, with the mounted and stuffed horse fetching £172,380 ($266,500) in one of the highlights of the two day auction.


1. The Dukes of Hazzard - General Lee

When it comes to classic cars from the world of television, there are few to match that of the famous "General Lee."

Its name was a reference to the famous confederate general of the American civil war, Robert E Lee, as main characters Bo and Luke Duke came from the Southern state of Georgia, but behind this gimmick was an all American car of real beauty.

Used in various stunts on almost a weekly basis during the Dukes of Hazzard's seven year stint on our screens, the 1969 Chrysler Dodge Charger is a firm favourite amongst television memorabilia collectors and car enthusiasts alike.

At a fan auction in Arizona, one of the original 1969 Dodge Chargers, complete with the famous welded doors, sold for an impressive £300,000 ($450,000). Today, this remains a world record price for a classic car featured in a television programme.


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